Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My Favourite...Quote

A random one, but I really like this quote and it's one which I can totally relate to and understand.
Sorry for the soppy-ness (haha!) but hope you like it as much as I do!

Abi :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mini Yankee Candle Haul

yankee candle oils
I love these so much! They last for ages and smell soo good! I'd say they smell stronger than the candles which I love, at the moment I'm using a Dragonfruit one (hence the reason it isn't in the picture) it smells really nice and fruity and quite sweet too! Red Velvet is also a beautiful sweet smell, the Lavender obviously smells as you'd expect it to - Lavendary! And the Fruit Fusion one smells very citrusy and fruity, the Kitchen Spice one smells just like Christmas and I can't wait to use it as we get nearer to December!

Abi :)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sweet Treats From An Autumn Fair!

Just a photo post really chums, I went to a fair last Monday with lots of stalls and markets and picked up a rather substantive amount of food..eek!
Pack Monday Fair Sherborne 2014 candyfloss
Pack Monday Fair Sherborne 2014 fudge
Pack Monday Fair Sherborne 2014 bon bons and rhubarb and custards
Pack Monday Fair Sherborne 2014 bon bons
Pack Monday Fair Sherborne 2014 rhubarb and custards
It was ALL very tasty and the fudge was so nice as it was homemade, also all the different colours of candyfloss were different flavours so that was exciting!

Abi :)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Eye Makeup For Less Than £3

I don't use too much product on my eyes usually and hardly ever use any colour so I thought it was about time I bought some new products to 'liven' up my eye makeup collection.
natural false eyelashes
I've wanted some natural false lashes (that sounds odd!) for a while now just to add a bit of length and make my lashes look a bit more even and as you can see in the photo above they do just that! I like how you can hardly tell I am wearing them because I just wanted a bit of oomph and that was literally it - I've tried 'proper' false lashes before and they were just too heavy on me and made me look very odd!
eylure false lashes
I've also really wanted some eye primer for AGES and this was so cheap from E.L.F. I thought it would do just the job for keeping both eyeliner and eyeshadow in place and so far it has worked really well, my make up doesn't even smudge when it rains!
E.L.F eye primer
I've had my eyes (har har) on some of the pencil eye shadow from Collection for a while but I was on Ebay and came across this beautiful gold coloured one from Barry M and a nice silvery/purpley/pink one from Miss Sporty. So far I love them both, they are quite pale when put onto the lid though but I don't mind this.
Barry M eyeshadow pencil
Miss Sporty eyeshadow pencil
And that's it for my mini haul! All of these products were around £2.70ish, I bought the pencils and eyelashes on Ebay and the primer from E.L.F! Hope this was helpful for you!

Abi :)