Thursday, 21 May 2015

REVIEW: Strawberry Buttercream Yankee Candle

Not sure I've ever done a candle review before so bare with!
I got this as a birthday present and it just so happened to be my first Yankee Candle in a jar that I've ever had!

At first I was a bit unsure about the smell, it's very sweet (although, I do usually like sweet) but sickly sweet so I wasn't too fond of it.

However, the other evening I thought I'd light it and I love it! When burning, the candle scent is actually quite subtle, it's a more pleasant sweet smell - a bearable one! It does smell of Strawberry Buttercream too, this is something I always admire: that Yankee Candle are always able to replicate the real and not artificial smell of something.

Have you tried any Yankee Candles?

Abi :)

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

REVIEW: Pitch Perfect 2

Hi chums!

It's been a while since I've been to the cinema to watch a musical, so this was a long awaited film for me - as in, it's been in my calendar since about March!
It's no secret that I love musicals and since Pitch Perfect I also have a new found love for acappella! This film was fairly different from the first, it was still mainly focused around Beca but Fat Amy has a bit more screen time too which is always  good! 

Much to my enjoyment the 'rift off' was back but in a different form, and there are several familiar faces back too - not just the ones that are on the film poster - so look out for those!

As seen in the trailer there is a more cultural feel to this film and the German singers are INCREDIBLE, the first song they sing which can be heard in the trailer is almost haunting it's so good!

The only things I didn't like about this film as much was the occasional sexual and racist comments made - no harm is meant by them, but I feel like a few too many are made.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film and it was so nice to have old and new characters joining together and creating so many cool songs!

Have you seen this film yet?

Abi :)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Spontaneous Adventure

Funnily enough since my Europe road trip I've had a THING for adventures and driving around finding cool places to visit! The other day my boyfriend and I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Cerne Abbas so I thought I'd take some photos to share with you!
So much green!

Abi :)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

An Evening At Stourhead

Not so much a spontaneous trip this time, my boyfriend and I went to Stourhead to get some footage for a future job he's working on. As you know I like to take photos on trips like these so again thought I'd share with you some of them!
Abi :)